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Administrative and economic law
Environmental protection

Our consulting office operates in legal and administrative sectors in a broad sense, including administrative and economic law, labor law, civil law and criminal law.

Administrative and economic law

Work organization, effective use of human resources or satisfying stringent legal requirements poses considerable difficulties while running a business. Investors often need support and advice on running or planning econimic activity. That is why Lex Procura offers comprehensive legal and administrative services  with regard to administrative and economic law.



Environmental protection

Environmental protection issues in industrial activity, and also in investment planning, is becoming an increasingly significant challenge.  Lex Procura provides consulting services and  produces a wide range of documents regarding environmental activitiy, i.e.:

  • Environmental impact reports
  • Integrated environmental permit applications
  • Statements of water management conditions
  • Air Pollution Impact Assessments
  • Waste management permits


We provide legal representation throughout environemtal permit procedures –  without the fuss of constant supplementing and explanation during administrative proceedings, you are simply presented with the administrative decision.