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Labor law
Health and safety

We specialize in environmental and the law on economic activity compliance, and our team conducts labor law and health and sefety compliance audits.

Labor law

The law incorporates regulations stipulating the employment relationship of a given employer and employee as the parties of such relationship, as well as employee participation and collective bargaining. Our law firm provides comprehensive services in labor law, along with ad hoc consultations in this respect.



Health and safety

The complexity of health and safety regulations renders an entrepreneur susceptible to the significant risk of infringement. Hence, we offer a comprehensive service in health an safety counselling. Our Team’s considerable experiencee allows for effective handling of health and safety cases, as well as cases of employee’s responsibilities, as stipulated by the law. Our offer includes but is not limited to:

  • Keeping health and safety records including documenting workplace accidents
  • Providing initial and recurrent training
  • Periodic reviews of compliance with health and safety regulations